The channel’s name – “Rafida” – is one that encapsulates our entire ideology, methodology, and practice. As a sect within Shia Islam, it is theologically and historically rich. The Arabic word “Rafida” (singular: “Rafidi”) essentially translates to “Rejectionists” or “Rejectors”. The word refers to Shia Muslims, throughout time, always being the historical opposition to the government’s, oppressors and tyrants who all wore the guise of Islam. Hence, we do not recognise a single government on the face of this earth today, as a truly Islamic government.

The word, “Rafida”, was, and still is used as a derogatory term by others, against the Shia – insinuating that the Shia rejected the tyrannical dynasties that followed the rule of Imam Ali (peace be upon him). The Shia Imams of Ahlul-Bayt (upon whom be peace), the rightful heirs to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family), were in fact the first to use this term. It confirmed that the Rafida are in fact those who reject criminality, evil and all forms of falsehood. Our reports have also informed us that those who rejected the Pharaoh’s self-proclaimed divinity, were given this same honorific title.


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The Rafida Foundation is run under the guidance of the leading Rafida Scholar, Sheikh Yasser al-Habib as well as Sheikh Hassan al-Garaawi.

As of right now, we are currently YouTube-based channel. All our video content can be found on our YouTube channel /RafidaOrg. Keep an eye out for our venture into live broadcasting!

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